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saying: appoint military cadres, yellow-lined canal was appointed director of the Political Department, Lian Ru Ren Ren Di's brother Lawrence, deputy director of the Political Department and the Lands and staffing neat, and then compile a list submitted for approval.As for the inspection department, I knew the Commissioner must collectively recommended by the army. So I too Inspection Department to harass people, carrying out smoking and gambling prostitution, lack of maintenance of law and order, the entire surplus as an excuse to harm people, strongly rejected the KMT sent to Luzhou. I see the security district deputy commander Liu Zhongminnew balance 373 baratas   extremely honest, with the Commissioner and the security commander Luo Guoxi discuss the establishment of a joint military and police mission offices, so the deputy commander of the security partition management. As a result, the country has a garrison Division Inspection Department, Superintendent Lu Syria alone I dealt with this ridiculous spy organization.However, I am very worried that the KMT pervasive, if sent scored seventy-two army, I'll uprising by the great prejudice. At that time, Luzhou Commissioner and district security commander Luo Guoxi, the second phase is the Huangpu students KMT spies, under Zhouye me, I told him very alert, very careful preparedness him. Unexpectedly, the KMT molecules are very hard to think of my intimate Wan's chief of staff also 




KMT molecules, and I always found him not. "Mantis stalks the cicada, birds multiply thereafter," I do not have a somersault plummeted to the hands of the KMT, the really lucky too! Then, every government, and military garrison commander had served as chairman of the joint meeting, I was appointed as the Chairman of the Joint Qun (appointed by my pseudonym Xu Zhenguo), but so as deputy director. This joint meeting specialized military and political killing communists, convened by the Chairman of the monthly schedule district court, county party administrative commissioner, deputy commander of security, county Commissioner seventy-two Junjun law met Communist massacre trial cases. At that time, he was honest Confucianism has followed me back to Chongqing, I Lian new balance 999 precioRu Ren said, I will never participate in such, regardless of the approach taken to ignore. Ren Lian Ru said to me: "That's how the line, you let go no matter, they do whatever they do they do not kill but also more blood for !" Ren Lian Ru thought then said: "Comrade Rugui, you think, Chiang Kai-shek to the demise of a group of reactionaries more he must be crazy to slaughter the Communist Party, in order to protect innocent people and every communist, you must participate, leave no stone unturned to protect them it is not



 you write to me, do not blame you. "From then on, each party political and military Joint Meeting, I have actively participated auspices, never absent.Luo Guoxi very hostile to the Communist Party, frequently advocated shot or buried alive communist. For me it is always half-jokingly said: "!. Commander like you are failing to have witnesses and evidence, one can not kill the Communist Party," I try to dissuade his private feelings, referred to the Judge Advocate's Office to investigate, must check there is conclusive Evidence can be executed. Fortunately, Xiao Yan is a military Director of cold NLD members, the party sent secretly instigated me for my advice, he supported. Not only Garrison Command never killed a man, even the police union office group did not k new balance 998 comprar illed anyone.Xuya Yin I agree to go see the third line, very happy, enthusiastically planning for me, but also to set up a party and prepare for guerrilla warfare. I really appreciate guerrilla, when the Communist guerrilla is, I absolutely can not do, but before the uprising to take this guise, the Kuomintang propaganda evil, do the work of Chiang Kai-shek, and in order to cover themselves is very favorable.So I promised the proposal, the total surface agree, but then Bai Heng secretly told me,  unreliable, between February you told me with him (Xu) with River when the troops back, because he did not when the teacher, I talk with the guerrilla forces to drag the Taihu Lake, so how I am worthy 

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 r troops soon to catch up with him. Not only that, there are three groups are veterans of our armed forces, and therefore are more combat troops force, and Luo Guangwen moment she became one of the two military Sichuan four motorized army,   forty Fourth Army juxtaposed.My chief of staff Xuya Yan, smart, handsome, when I became the third department director Wang Shusheng introduced him to Chief of the future to   his army deputy chief of staff of seventy, head of the Chief of Staff, Army Headquarters, often to Xuzhou see me. When I took over seventy army, he escaped from the encirclement came to Nanjing, I see very pleased to continue to serve asnew balance 996 hombres   chief of staff tried to pull him on his great confidence that he is my old men of seventy military situation and familiar, can certainly assist me in secret preparations uprising. One day I took the opportunity to chat with him jointly, to test his attitude. I said: "KMT downright decadent, loses all people, no doubt the collapse of our government for such a sacrificial object, not worth that we must find another way, you do not see in what ways. ""Yes, no doubt KMT collapse, we must find another way out, but the brutal Communist exception, must not take refuge in it, it is best that we take the third route." He said confidently.I thought to induce him to help me, Wan think he proposed to go a third route, the moment I can not 




find the words, but to smile noncommittal. He then further said: Communist Kuomintang better than never, and never rely on.surrender to the Communist Party sent in the pocket, is not being disarmed. I have already surrendered his case, reported to the Department of Defense. He disloyalty, spineless, really despise! "# # # I see him adamant, secretly glad I fortunately did not expose attempts, so count on the meter, to agree to take the third route to conceal my "find another way" words. Therefore, the state of pretending pleased, said: "We went on the third line!."Since then he believed me to go a third route, I always say the words against the Kuomintang, are to go under the guise of a third route.May I get enough of the two divisions of troops, but also practiced by the Luo Guangwennew balance 620 mujer  of Title VII of the dial to a teacher, so I belong to the three divisions of troops into nine groups. Soon after ordered to downsizing of two divisions six groups of soldiers more enriched. So Southwest Military and Political Executive Office so seventy-two army moved to Neijiang, Luzhou, Yibin area. I think at the Sichuan Yibin partial southwest corner, easy to induce uprising, want to rely not transferred elsewhere in this corner. Luo Guangwen just one day, said:"I'm operating base in Huaying Mountain, ready in case it is good guerrilla.""No! Huaying Mountain is too small, how can you feed and shelter two army it  Want to do only operating mine, horse, screen, where Yi Han mixed, high



 mountains, dense forests, difficult terrain, wide area, is the ideal guerilla place I now stationed in Yibin, operating nearby, very convenient, as we cooperate in the future a guerrilla  'I replied, tempting him.Luo a very happy, so I encouraged him on behalf of the Southwest Executive Office requests the establishment of southern Sichuan Garrison Command commander appointed me either. Southwest was Executive Office Director Zhang Qun military base contradiction with Tomb deeper tomb are doing everything possible to undermine the power base. So the idea of ​​immediate Luo Qun agree. Luda students within the Executive Office Southwest Military new balance 574 mujer  also very supportive, but that "Kawaminami Garrison Command" name too, the best set up a "Syrian Lu Garrison Command," I agree. Then, the "Syrian Lu Garrison Command," to be established, I then either the Syrian army and the seventy Lu garrison commander, and Qun Lu men 肖烈 any Syrian garrison chief of staff headquarters.At that time, the military has Lands Department, and all inspectors must be located at the garrison headquarters. Army General Staff Department Intelligence Division II designed to engage, often sent to participate in the KMT, while the Communist Party gathering intelligence; hand to oversee military advisor Chiang captains. Lands Department Lands and personnel from the Department of Defense News Agency dispatch, but also to monitor troops officer. In order to facilitate the future I would pre-empt

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"We aremagnificent. after nianzhuang Chiang hodge army in order to encourage their lives for him, ordered the reconstruction of forty-four army. Forty-four army originally Sichuan so he dare people.To be able to rapidly expand seventy army, I decided to return immediately to find southwest Sichuan and Chongqing Military Executive Office recharge area to the soldiers, to food, to equip themselves with familiar people, new balance 420 españa  I am sure you can put a short period of time to build up the military. Ago from Shanghai, I put the troops to Chief of Staff and the Deputy Commander Bai Heng   how kind they do not work hard. I do not understand the reason, but to make two hundred thirty-three division, led by Zhao tree Zhegan Road, Yichang set sail back to Sichuan, to try recruiting him along the way, and told him, "every one went to the hospital wounded Qu Han, 'who is willing to back to Sichuan, come back together '. wounded Sichuan displaced foreign land, homesick eager to return to Sichuan troops heard, must actively participate, troops must be able to rapidly expand. "This way, it really received a great effect . Zhao was later brought back a ○ tree gave me one of six 1997 recruits six hundred seventy-eight full three groups.After February



 I put everything in order, led by military chief of staffand Wang Xi Shang, flew by plane from Shanghai to Chongqing.February 4, which is what a memorable day ah! This day is my new commissioned by the party, embark on a new journey of the first day; this day, I killed the Chiang dynasty from the heart, and ready ruthless comeback carbines day.That day, the weather was clear through the plane window, lookout blue sky, a few slices of white clouds floating slowly to the machine to go after Yi, overlooking the earth, the whole undulating hills, the Yangtze River, such as training. At this point, I can not help but think of twenty years ago, the boat from Chongqing to Shanghai, Guangdong scenarios. Ah! Stroke, exactly in the past 22 years! Recalled more than twenty years,new balance 1300 precio  slush claw hung himself in the end what's left of it on the road of life  If in the first period of the Revolutionary War and the War of domestic also memorable, after contact with the party also did some useful work, the rest are people turbid painful moments. Chiang dynasty dictatorship, corruption and incompetence, the reactionary forces of disabled people to succeed, all kinds of evil, corruption rife dignitaries, shame sweeping, while he actually forced to blend into them, which is what makes lifelong regret ah! However, do not abandon the Communist revolution in the determination of each person, for people like me, as to give full trust. Thought I traveled half way



 I think the important task entrusted to the party, began to think of his new path in life, I can not help but feel confidence and strength.Deal and camouflageI return to Chongqing, it was introduced by Chief of Staff Xuya Yan, to the south bank of the school Danzishi police presence, and using a variety of methods to continue to expand their forces. My side of the recharge area of ​​Chongqing, Chengdu joint request of the original high school and university students of the Army Commander Qiu Yuan (Murray) distribution of vehicles, transfer equipment; side held officer corps, and send personnel recruiting everywhere, especially to tongliang. Since new balance 1500 españa I was tongliang people, ideas fellow Sichuanese re worried pulled young men of poor farmers are willing to come to me. Where to, I have given writings, County Military Service Branch available against young men places. Thus, for young men who have been drawn tongliang regardless of knowledge do not know, all have come defected. I also openly call for several people who collect, whoever when the company commander, who collected a battalion on when commander. I have a ○ ○ Head Xuhan Zhou district is in the division to get a group of people as the head of the way, the troops developed rapidlyfirst forty-four army Sichuan month, the number of ou

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